14:00 - 16:30 Branch Libraries and Community Centres in Aarhus/

Study Tour


This study tour will present examples of how outstanding branch libraries in Aarhus work with innovation, partnerships and democracy.

Åby Library

Åby library is one of the largest libraries in Aarhus, where focus is placed on the innovation of the communication of literature. At Åby, they work with developing forms of communication, and literature in non-literary media. 

Community Centre Gellerup

Gellerup library is placed in the most destitute area in Denmark. 85% of the citizens in the area are ethnic minorities, and more than 50 different languages are spoken in the area. Gellerup library is also called “Community Centre Gellerup” (CCG), and is a pioneering library in developing partnerships to strengthen the overall citizens’ services. 

The CCG houses a public library, a civil health centre, a jobcentre and a general information centre, and vastly co-operates with volunteers and citizens in the local area. The local context makes the event profile of the library significant, and involves democratic debates including local politicians and secretaries of office, classes and courses in citizenship, and empowerment-oriented activities aimed at families and children.

Further info about CCG: http://archive.ifla.org/IV/ifla73/papers/128-Hedelund-en.pdf

The rendezvous for this Study Tour will be at the foyer in the Concert Hall.  

Price:   150 DKK - 20 EUR

Max. 35 participants

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